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Numbness may be a far different experience than pain, but it can still be a stressful medical concern. At Bergen Pain & Rehab, Dr. Anna Lee assists men and women from Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, with treatment for all types of numbness. If you notice a new area of numbness or have been living with numbness for some time, reach out to Bergen Pain & Rehab to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee. Online scheduling is available, or you can always contact the office by phone.


What is numbness?

Your body is constantly receiving sensory stimuli and processing that information through your nervous system. Many of your nerves are positioned on the peripheral areas of your body and are incredibly sensitive to even the slightest touch or temperature change.

When those nerves are negatively affected, those messages can become impeded. Numbness occurs when you are unable to feel external or internal stimuli in a normal manner.



What can cause numbness?

There are many possible causes of numbness, some of which are more serious than others. Some examples include:

  • Diabetes
  • Herniated disc
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Stroke
  • Peripheral nerve compression
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency

Because there are so many issues that can cause numbness, getting a thorough and accurate diagnosis is critical to finding the right treatment path.



Can A-IMS® help treat numbness?

Your muscles are directed by nerves, and when there’s a chemical imbalance between the two, pain can result. Intramuscular stimulation works by mechanically interrupting a flawed signal between nerve and muscle.

When the automated needle encounters an area of tight muscle tissue, that tightness is broken up or released. The results are immediate and lasting and require no medications.

If you are pregnant, recovering from a recent surgical procedure, have hemophilia or a local infection, be sure to discuss your condition with Dr. Lee. Understanding your overall health allows her to determine if you’re a good candidate for A-IMS.



What is the recovery time for A-IMS?

You may experience a day or two of aching muscles after your treatments. That’s perfectly normal and is a sign that your muscle tissue is responding to treatment and healing. A warm bath is a great way to relieve soreness and help you relax.

You may need several treatments to achieve the full effect of A-IMS. After each session, you’ll notice improvements in your joint pain, your range of motion, and overall joint function. Intramuscular stimulation restores the proper relationship between your nervous system and muscle tissue, getting you back on your feet and back into your normal routines.

To learn more about A-IMS, schedule your consultation with Dr. Lee at your earliest convenience. Online scheduling is one option, or you’re welcome to call or stop by the office to book your appointment.



Numbness Testimonials

Constance Kinebrew

“I was never pain free since my auto accident five years ago until I got the A-IMS treatment.  I had many months of physical therapy and 3 epidurals with no help.  My main problem was severe pain, shooting pain in the left leg and numbness in the left foot. Dr Lee’s treatment changed my life.  Her treatment was a lifesaver.  My treatment was once a month and I paid the money for my [A-IMS] treatment.

Joseph Hasson

"I was involved in a car accident January 15, 2001.  Since the accident I have hadnumbness in my legs, as well as pain and a tingling sensation when lying down.  The numbness had gotten so bad that my legs would give out and I would fall on my face.  I was afraid to leave my house for fear of falling and hurting myself further.  I went through numerous procedures and tests and upon a final resort I went to a chiropractor.  I wasn't getting better and he referred me to Dr. Lee."

"I received the [A-IMS] treatments weekly and I cannot express enough what a difference they have made in my life.  The numbness is gone, I have no pain and most importantly I can sleep without the constant tingling sensation that used to keep me up at night.  The [A-IMS] treatments have given me my life back."