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Numbness may be a far different experience than pain, but it can still be a stressful medical concern. At Bergen Pain & Rehab, Dr. Anna Lee assists men and women from Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, with treatment for of numbness. If you notice a new area of numbness or have been living with numbness for some time, reach out to Bergen Pain & Rehab to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee by calling the office.


What is numbness and Tingling?

Numbness is a loss of sensation in some part of your body.  It may be associated with other sensation such as tingling or burning. Numbness caused by a stroke or diabetes nephropathy cannot be treated by A-IMS®.  Numbness and tingling sensation in hands and feet after a spine trauma such as auto accident, work injury and slip-and-fall accidents can be treated effectively with A-IMS® procedure at Bergen Pain & Rehab. 

Can A-IMS® Help Treat Numbness and Tingling?

When muscles are tight and compress on a nerve or several nerves, numbness and/or tingling sensations occur in the area of the body where the nerve innervates.  This type of numbness can be corrected by relaxing the tight muscle(s) where the compression occurs.  A-IMS® is very effective in relaxing the muscles and thus eliminating the numbness - usually with a few treatments. 


Numbness Testimonials

Juan Rodriguez

"Two years ago, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident.  Shortly after the accident, I noticed tingling on the left side of my body.  As the weeks progressed, so did the pain.  Numbness to my left side became a factor as well.  Leg numbness is present during long periods of sitting, standing or lying.  Shoulder numbness is unbearable when doing any type of lifting or pulling and very obvious when working in my yard."  "Since I have been receiving A-IMS treatment from Dr. Lee, I must say the results are tremendous.  I am now able to enjoy feeding my son without immense pain."  "I would suggest that the A-IMS treatment be the first choice as a treatment for conditions and injuries such as mine."

Joseph Hasson

"I was involved in a car accident January 15, 2001.  Since the accident I have hadnumbness in my legs, as well as pain and a tingling sensation when lying down.  The numbness had gotten so bad that my legs would give out and I would fall on my face.  I was afraid to leave my house for fear of falling and hurting myself further.  I went through numerous procedures and tests and upon a final resort I went to a chiropractor.  I wasn't getting better and he referred me to Dr. Lee."

"I received the [A-IMS] treatments weekly and I cannot express enough what a difference they have made in my life.  The numbness is gone, I have no pain and most importantly I can sleep without the constant tingling sensation that used to keep me up at night.  The [A-IMS] treatments have given me my life back."

Constance Kinebrew

“I was never pain free since my auto accident five years ago until I got the A-IMS treatment.  I had many months of physical therapy and 3 epidurals with no help.  My main problem was severe pain, shooting pain in the left leg and numbness in the left foot. Dr Lee’s treatment changed my life.  Her treatment was a lifesaver.  My treatment was once a month and I paid the money for my [A-IMS] treatment. 


Richard Lambert

"During college, I was very physically active lifting weights as well as playing other sports.  After graduating from pharmacy school, I worked 12 hours a day standing on my feet while continuing my active life style.  Eight years ago, I began having neck and right shoulder pain. Initially, the pain was not very severe, just uncomfortable.  Within a few weeks, however, I began to experience numbness with tingling sensation up and down my right arm and was unable to sit for any period of time.  I was evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon and my MRI scan of the cervical spine revealed three herniations and one bulging disc.  No treatment worked.  I was a very active person but I was unable to do any sports I used to do.  My orthopedic surgeon told me that I would simply have to 'live with the pain.'  With the A-IMS treatment the pain went down dramatically to a point where I was only seeing Dr. Lee sporadically maybe every 5-6 months for maintenance purposes.  As long as Dr. Lee is around I feel confident to go forward with my life."