Knee Pain Specialist

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Anna Lee, MD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation located in Englewood Cliffs, NJ

We treat knee pain that is caused by auto accidents, slip-and-fall injuries, work-related injuries and sports related injuries as long as the injury is not a candidate for surgery. We do not treat knee pain resulting from structural damage of the knee. If you have persisting pain after surgery, we may be able to help after evaluation. Dr. Lee has helped many patients for their knee pain. If you suffer from knee pain and would like to know what A-IMS® can do to solve the problem, schedule an appointment today by calling the office.

Knee Pain Q & A

How does A-IMS® help releive knee pain?

There are many diagnoses for knee pain such as runner’s knee, meniscus tear, sprained ligaments, etc.  As long as the knee pain is caused by tight muscles or nerve irritation, we are able to help. From the standpoint of A-IMS® procedure, pain is caused by muscle shortening or formation of trigger points in the involved muscles.  When muscles shorten, the tendons that are attached to the bone are pulled causing pain and inflammatory responses and the nerves can be compressed giving rise to sensory symptoms.  We treat tight muscles with A-IMS® procedure to relax them. When the muscles are relaxed, there will be no more pull on the tendons and no more compression on the nerves.  Theses result in resolution of the pain and sensory symptoms. The success of A-IMS® for treating different types of knee pain as shown partly in the following patient testimonials demonstrate the efficacy of our approach. If you’re ready to try a new approach to treating knee pain, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee at your earliest convenience.