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We treat pain and sensory symptoms that result from herniated disc. A disc is a rubbery cushion between individual bones that are stacked in your spine. The shape of the disc is like a jelly donut with a soft center and hard exterior. Disc herniation means some of the soft jelly of the disc leaks out of the donut and this sometimes compresses nearby nerve root and cause pain and sensory symptoms. Dr. Lee pioneered a new pain treatment procedure A-IMS® that helped many of her patients recover who had herniated disc related pain and sensory symptoms. If you’re ready to try a new treatment option for your fibromyalgia, schedule an appointment by calling the office.

Herniated Disc

Herniated disc and pain

Herniated disc is anatomical evidence that there has been a spine trauma, either acute or gradual. If you have a herniated disc, there is a high probability that you many have pain but most likely the pain comes from the nerve root injury where the disc herniation occurred rather than the disc itself. In such a case, you might feel pain in the muscles where the nerve coming out of the nerve root innervates. For example, if you have disc herniation at C7, you may have pain and sensory symptoms in your arm or hands. If you have herniation at L4, you might have pain and sensory symptoms in your leg or foot.  At Bergen Pain & Rehab we treat pain and sensory symptoms arising from herniated disc by A-IMS® procedure.


How A-IMS can help relieve pain resulting from herniated disc?

The principle that we use for treating herniated disc pain is to relax the tight muscles along the path of the nerve that travels from the nerve root at the spine to the extremity.  From the standpoint of A-IMS® procedure, pain is caused by muscle shortening or formation of trigger points in the involved muscles.  When muscles shorten, the tendons that are attached to the bone are pulled causing pain and inflammatory responses and the nerves can be compressed giving rise to sensory symptoms.  We treat tight muscles with A-IMS® procedure to relax them. When the involved muscles are relaxed, pain and sensory symptoms disappear.  If you’re ready to try a new approach to treating pain and sensory symptoms resulting from disc herniation, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee at your earliest convenience.



Patient Testimonials

Christina Siconolfi

“My diagnosis was several herniated discs and nerve damage.  My auto accident was three years ago.  My pain level was 10/10 and went down to 0/10 on occasion while getting the A-IMS treatment.  Prior to beginning therapy with Dr. Lee, I was unable to sit in a car for more than 15 minutes. Because my work requires me to travel, this affected my job performance greatly, as some appointments could be as much as or more than 50 miles apart.  With this treatment, I have been able to return to an active work schedule. I am very fortunate to have been introduced to Dr. Lee and her staff.  I would recommend this procedure to anyone with any type of chronic pain."


Donna Zanghi

“My injuries after the auto accident 3 years ago were pain in my neck and low back.   I also had a herniated disc in my low back.”  “These injuries have had a major impact in my quality of life as I have been living with daily constant pain ever since.”  “I began the A-IMS treatment at the recommendation of my doctor.”  “After the third treatment, the very next day I experienced my first day of pain relief since the accident.”  “This treatment is helping to reduce the level of pain I have been experiencing and the pain relief is beginning to last over longer stretches of time.”  “I am convinced that without this treatment, I would not have recovered from my injuries sustained from the accident.” 


Frances Mack

“I had my injuries back in May four years ago due to a car accident.  I was rear-ended. I suffered from some neck problem, shoulder problems, back problems, constant pain, and numbness in my arm. Sleeping was a problem…”  “[My MRI] showed some herniated discs, some bulging discs throughout my spinal region.  The A-IMS  treatment helped me.  When I started with Dr. Lee, my pain level was around 9/10. Now it is down to 2 or 3/10.”


Jo Ellen Campobasso

"I have been seeing Dr. Lee and staff for a little over a year.  The best way that I can chart my progress is this: When I went on vacation in two years ago, I lived on pain medication - 3 per day easily. When I went on vacation a year ago, I had to take 3 pain pills the entire trip."  "I had a car accident in 5 years ago leaving me with bulging and herniated discs in my lower back."  "I also had fibromyalgia, TMJ, carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel in my elbows.  I had my first A-IMS treatment for TMJ last week and although I am bruised, I can open the right side of my mouth without pain for the first time in a long time."  "I would recommend A-IMS treatments for chronic pain to anyone who is serious about getting their pain under control."


John Hudson

"On December three years ago, I had a serious auto accident.  [The accident] resulted in: facial numbness, migraine headaches, severe neck, back and lower spine pain with two bulging discs and a sprained back, damaged nerves, damage to right ankle, torn cartilage in left knee, numbness in groin area (resulting in impotence), damaged left elbow with numbness in left shoulder, hands and forearm.  The depression caused by the pain has set back my new business endeavor and interrupted the writing of my biography." "At first, I was skeptical of this A-IMS treatment; however, I would do anything to eliminate the pain and suffering caused by this accident." "Systematically, [Dr. Lee and her staff] eliminated first the migraine headaches, the numbness of the face, and most of the pain in the back and neck." "It was astounding what this procedure has done to eliminate the pain I have been enduring for the past ten months." "I can only say I have a great deal of love and appreciation for Dr. Lee."


Dr. Donald Underwood

“I used to do a lot of physical work that was not good for your low back.  I developed herniated discs and underwent two low back surgeries. Second one being in 1994.  I had severe back spasm literally bringing me on the floor… literally unable to walk straight for two weeks.  I was very depressed when I saw Dr. Lee. My relief from the A-IMS   treatment was immediate.  I eventually needed treatment every eight weeks and I was able to play ice hockey and ski with no limitations.  Dr. Lee has given me my life back.”


Charles Driben

“I am a veterinarian.  I lead a very active life. I woke up one day with pain that radiated from my buttocks or the lower buttocks down primarily my right leg through the hamstring muscles, the back of my right leg and the side, down the lateral side of the tibia down to the ankle. My lumbar spine MRI showed a large disc herniation at L4-5 with 3 bulging discs. After receiving the A-IMS treatment, I’ve been pain free now for over several years. I am not limited in any way, I have not missed any work and I feel fine and I don’t have even the slightest bit of a twinge.” Anybody that would have this type of pain in the back or the neck, I would certainly recommend that they talk to Dr. Lee, be evaluated by Dr. Lee before they enable anybody to do anything more radical."