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We treat pain and sensory symptoms that result from herniated disc. A disc is a rubbery cushion between individual bones that are stacked in your spine. The shape of the disc is like a jelly donut with a soft center and hard exterior. Disc herniation means some of the soft jelly of the disc leaks out of the donut and this sometimes compresses nearby nerve root and cause pain and sensory symptoms. At Bergen Pain & Rehab, Dr. Lee has used A-IMS® procedure to help many patients who had herniated disc related pain and sensory symptoms. If you suffer from this type of pain, schedule an appointment today by calling the office.

Herniated Disc Q & A

Herniated Disc and Pain?

Herniated disc is an anatomical evidence that there has been a spine trauma, either acute or gradual. If you have a herniated disc, there is a high probability that you many have pain but most likely the pain comes from the nerve root injury where the disc herniation occurred rather than the disc itself. In such a case, you might feel pain in the muscles where the nerve coming out of the nerve root inervates. For example, if you have herniation at C7, you may have pain and sensory symptoms in your arm or hands. If you have hernation at L4, you might have pain and sensory symptoms in your leg or foot.  At Bergen Pain & Rehab we treat pain and sensory symptoms arising from herniated disc by A-IMS® procedure.


How A-IMS can help relieve pain resulting from herniated disc?

The principle that we use for treating herniated disc pain is to relax the tight muscles along the path of the nerve that travels from the nerve root at the spine to the extremity.  From the standpoint of A-IMS® procedure, pain is caused by muscle shortening or formation of trigger points in the involved muscles.  When muscles shorten, the tendons that are attached to the bone are pulled causing pain and inflammatory responses and the nerves can be compressed giving rise to sensory symptoms.  We treat tight muscles with A-IMS® procedure to relax them. When the involved muscles are relaxed, pain and sensory symptoms disappear.  If you’re ready to try a new approach to treating knee pain, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee at your earliest convenience.


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