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Virtually everyone experiences headaches at one point or another, but some suffer from frequent and painful headaches that are difficult to bear. At Bergen Pain & Rehab in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, Dr. Anna Lee' offers effective and lasting relief from headaches. Dr. Lee’s A-IMS® procedure was reviewed and approved by the FDA for treating tension headache. If you’re ready to move beyond debilitating headaches, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee today. Call the office for your appointment and insurance eligibility.


What are the different types of headaches?

Headache is classified into two categories: primary headaches that are stand-alone symptoms caused by structures in the head that are pain-sensitive such as blood vessels, muscles and nerves of the head and neck and secondary headache that is caused by other conditions such as brain tumor and alcohol hang-over.  We at Bergen Pain & Rehab treat only the primary headache.

The primary headaches can be classified into several categories:


Tension headaches

These headaches are the most common and caused by tightening of muscles that are attached to the skull.  You might feel a sensation of a muscle band tightening around your head or a dull, constant ache on both sides of your head that spreads to or from your neck.



Migraine headaches

Migraine headache creates a throbbing, pulsating pain on one side of your head, and might also cause nausea, blurry vision, lightheadedness, and sensitivity to light and sound. Migraines are extremely painful and often debilitating.


Cluster headaches

Cluster headaches tend to occur in groups. The pain is severe and occurs only on one side of your head. It may be located near one eye and can be sharp or burning.


How does A-IMS® treat headaches?

The working principle of treating headaches is rather straightforward - relaxing the tight muscles that have origin in the head by using A-IMS® procedure.  With this method Dr. Lee has treated so many patients who had headaches as shown in the following testimonials.

To gain FDA approval for her A-IMS® procedure, Dr. Lee conducted a clinical trial study focused on how A-IMS® treats tension headaches. That experience, combined with years of using A-IMS® to treat headaches, is why Dr. Lee is a highly sought-after pain management specialist. Schedule your appointment today to begin your own treatment path.   


Headache Testimonials

Phillip Adamo

I was injured in a car accident about four years ago.  I suffered from constant pain in my hip and neck areas.  Severe headaches and sleeplessness were a normal part of my day.”  “[A-IMS] definitely helped me in my working day and sleeping, driving everything.” 


Karen Baczewski

Tension Headache Testimonials


Brandy Ickes

“I had severe migraine headaches two times a day after my auto accident.  Within a month [after my treatment started], my migraine went down to 1-2 times a week. My treatment was weaned down from once a week to once every three weeks.  In between three weeks, I had no migraine headaches.” 




Athena Lampropolous

“I was injured in a car accident. Since the accident, I have had severe neck pain and migraine headache… I only had three A-IMS treatments and can already see a difference.  My headaches are getting less severe and less frequent, as well as my neck pain.  Since my A-IMS treatment, I can see improvement and feel like I can live a normal life again."




Dale Robinson

“I had pain in my neck and low back with severe headaches after my auto accident  3 years ago.  My chiropractic treatment leveled off and I had to take increased amount of pain medications.  I couldn’t do too much, like playing sports like that.  My pain level was 8/10, and I didn’t work anymore” “Dr. Lee’s -IMS treatment really works.  Since I got the treatment, I had no headaches.  I felt a lot better that I was able to work.” “Dr. Lee’s treatment is a great treatment and I would suggest it to anyone who is injured like the way I was injured.”


Karen Baczewski

“I had a head-on collision…  MRI proved that I had two disc herniations and a bulge – one on my neck, one on my low back, and one in the middle of my back.  I couldn’t move during the day.  My headaches were interfering with everything.” “I kept coming [to Dr. Lee’s office] because I was getting better, and I wanted to continue to get better.  She had me able to do things around the house that I hadn’t done in months.”



Kerri Dodds

"Since my car accident, I have suffered from low back pain, neck pain and tormenting headaches.  This has affected my life with my one-year-old son and my husband.  I suffered pain on a daily basis.  Before starting  A-IMS treatment, there were days when I was unable to care for my son.  This has led to emotional pain."  "Since I began A-IMS treatment, I have had a significant decrease in headaches and back pain."  "Unlike a pain-killing medication, which only treats the symptoms(s), A-IMS treats the cause of the pain."  "I am very grateful to be receiving A-IMS  treatments from Dr. Lee and strongly recommend it to anyone who has suffered to any degree the way I have."