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Virtually everyone experiences headaches at one point or another, but some suffer from frequent and painful headaches that are difficult to bear. At Bergen Pain & Rehab in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, Dr. Anna Lee offers effective and lasting relief from headaches. If you’re ready to move beyond debilitating headaches, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee today. Online scheduling is available, or you’re welcome to call the office.


What are the different types of headaches?

There are a number of types of headaches. Some are caused by chemical, nerve, or muscle issues in your head (primary headaches) while others stem from a condition in another part of your body (secondary headaches).

Some of the more common types of headaches include:


Tension headaches

These headaches are the most common, and chances are you’ve experienced at least one tension headache. You might feel a sensation of a band tightening around your head or a dull, constant ache on both sides of your head that spreads to or from your neck.


Cluster headaches

These headaches get their name from their tendency to occur in groups. The pain is severe and occurs only on one side of your head. It may be located near one eye and can be sharp or burning.


Migraine headaches

Migraines are incredibly painful and often debilitating. They create a throbbing, pulsating pain on one side of your head, and might also cause nausea, blurry vision, lightheadedness, and sensitivity to light and sound.


How does A-IMS® treat headaches?

Dr. Lee’s innovative automated intramuscular stimulation technique works by targeting trigger points. These tight bands or knots of muscle tissue cause head pain in tension and migraine headaches.

A-IMS works by manually stimulating trigger points and surrounding areas, causing the muscle tissue to suddenly contract and then immediately relax. That relieves the pain brought on by the trigger point.

To gain FDA approval for her A-IMS procedure, Dr. Lee conducted a clinical trial focused on how A-IMS treats tension headaches. That experience, combined with years of using A-IMS to treat headaches, is why Dr. Lee is a highly sought-after pain management specialist. Schedule your appointment today to begin your own treatment path.   


Headache Testimonials

Phillip Adamo

I was injured in a car accident about four years ago.  I suffered from constant pain in my hip and neck areas.  Severe headaches and sleeplessness were a normal part of my day.”  “[A-IMS] definitely helped me in my working day and sleeping, driving everything.” 


Karen Baczewski

Tension Headache Testimonials


Amin Bitar

“I developed severe headaches and pain and numbness in my left arm after the auto accident.  The A-IMS treatment allowed me to sleep through the night without sleeping pills, which meant a great deal to me [I had] no side effects at all from the treatment except for the soreness in the beginning of my treatment."


Vincent Dalessanddro

I was in a car accident in 1997 and was told I have six bad discs - three in the upper and three in the lower. I also had nerve damage. I saw an article in the paper and found Dr. Lee. I was actually getting relief from severe headaches and excruciating upper and lower back pain [with the A-IMS treatment]. I tried everything from trigger point injections, tramadol injections, nerve blocks, and other painkillers. None of these chemicals seemed to help for any length of time or help at all for that matter." "I was getting the treatment every two to three months." "Dr. Lee's treatment, if you ask me, has been the next best thing to sliced bread. Absolutely tremendous."


Kerri Dodds

"Since my car accident, I have suffered from lower back pain, neck pain andtormenting headaches.  This has effected my life with my one-year-old son and my husband.  I suffer pain on a daily basis.  Before starting [A-IMS], there were days when I was unable to care for my son.  This has led to emotional pain."  Since I began [A-IMS] treatment, I have had a significant decrease in headaches and back pain."  "Unlike a pain-killing medication, which only treats the symptoms(s), [A-IMS] treats the cause of the pain."  "I am very grateful to be receiving [A-IMS] treatments from Dr. Lee and strongly recommend it to anyone who has suffered to any degree the way I have."


Josephine Gambale

I was involved in a car accident on December 16, 2000.  I was wearing a seat belt when my vehicle was front-ended and broadsided on the driver's side.  I suffered severe injuries, including a medial meniscus tear, which required surgery.  I sustaineded injuries to my left hand, neck, back and had severe headaches following the accident.  I also suffered from numbness in both hands and low back pain which radiates down to my leg.  "Since the time of the accident I have been treated with physical therapy which offered limited relief.  Thereafter, I saw a neurologist and received an ease of pain but it was only temporary and involved medication.  After a short period, the pain would come back in full strength."  "I have been receiving the [A-IMS] treatments from Dr. Lee." " As a result of the treatments, my headaches have been reduced in both frequency and severity."  "I am hopeful that eventually I will be able to take full care of my children and do unlimited homework, as well as return to my job." "Dr. Lee's treatment has [provided] the only pain relief that has been helpful."


Peggy Stephens


“I was in a serious car accident in 2002.  I was 32 years young, worked full time and was married with two children.  I had severe headaches, severe back pain, severe shoulder and neck pain, jaw pain, and numbness in my right leg and right arm.”  “I always thought that pain management was a doctor who just prescribed drugs to mask the pain instead of actually healing the problem.  After meeting with Dr. Anna Lee, I decided to try the A-IMS treatments.  After the first treatment, my headaches were significantly improved.  After the second treatment, I could start picking my child up".  “If anyone is as skeptical as I was, please feel free to contact me.  I am living proof that this treatment works.  My family will also testify to that.  In my opinion, this should be the first course of action instead of having an invasive procedure that costs more and which could negatively impact with no guarantee.”