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Anna Lee, MD

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We treat elbow pain that results from sports activities such as tennis and golf or from jobs that require repetitive motion of wrist and arm. When you have pain in the outer side of the bony bump at the elbow, you have tennis elbow but if the pain is in the inner side, you have golfer’s elbow. The cause of the elbow pain is due to pulling of elbow tendons from muscle shortening. We offer fast recovery from the elbow pain by eliminating the cause of pain. Dr. Lee has used A-IMS® procedure to help many patients who had elbow pain so that they can go back to their sports or jobs quickly. If you suffer from this type of pain, schedule an appointment today by calling the office.

Elbow Pain Q & A

How does A-IMS® help releive elbow pain?

Elbow pain is due to repetitive motion of the forearm and wrist that causes shortening of muscles (or formation of trigger points) near the elbow area.  These muscles pull on the tendons that are attached to the elbow bone causing pain. We treat the cause of pain directly. By relaxing the involved muscles such as triceps and brachioradialis, the elbow pain is relieved quickly.  A-IMS ® procedure is outstanding in relaxing muscles and therefore patient recovery is relatively fast compared with other conventional methods. If you want to get back to sports or jobs quickly, A-IMS® is an excellent treatment option.  Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee at your earliest convenience.