Bergen Pain & Rehab A-IMS Success Stories


Due to my herniated discs in my lumbar spine, I have been experiencing increasing back pain for over a year, as well as numbness, tingling and achiness radiating to my foot. I have found some relief through massage therapy, myofacial release, inversion tables and physical therapy, however it was only temporary. After my first A-IMS treatment, my symptoms were
improved by 80%. This was the most relief I have experienced in a year. At this point I have had only two treatments and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I HIGHLY recommend this treatment for anyone experiencing pain, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you Dr Lee for your knowledge, skills and for truly having a patient centered practice.

-Jill Jeffers
Sciatica, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Low Back Pain


I had been suffering from chronic low back pain, groin injuries for at least 5 years. I love to play sports, however, constant pain in my back and constant fear of reinjuring my groin muscles hindered me from giving my 100%. I've tried all the pain medications, physical therapy, and chiropractic adjustments to get rid of the pain, to no avail. It will give me temporary
relief then it comes back after several days/weeks. Recently, I've noticed that the pain and stiffness (esp the stiffness) were
getting worse and I started to stress about it unconsciously. A friend of mine noticed it and that's when a co-worker mentioned about dry needling. A friend suggested to contact Dr. Lee to try it out. After suffering for so many years, I thought, there's no harm in trying. After my first treatment session with Dr. Lee, 75% of my pain and stiffness were gone. It only took 2 treatment sessions to cure my chronic low back and groin pain. I went for 3 more treatment sessions for my neck, upper back and calves. Thanks to Dr Lee, now I FEEL LIKE A NEW MAN! 

-Sukhjit Singh
Sports Injury, Low Back Pain, Groin Pain, Headache, Mid Back Pain, Tight
Hamstring, Tight Calf


This is by far the most effective pain relief treatment I have ever gotten. I was treated with dry needling in the past, but this was ten times more powerful. I had a shoulder pain that had been causing me problems for months, so I looked for a place in NY that was specialized in such cases. This place is one of a kind, and it's also near the city. I got treated by Dr. Lee and after only 3 sessions most of my symptoms went away. Plus, she is one of the most attentive and caring doctors I have ever met, and trust me I know lots of them; both of my parents are! The treatment is super easy, and thanks to the premedication everything is so much comfortable. Also, you will feel safe, and never misinformed. During the whole process Dr. Lee took the time to explain everything to me and solve all my doubts. I learned a lot about what was actually causing my pain. Thank you Dr. Lee, for everything.

-Mario Del Campo
Shoulder Pain, Arm Heaviness


I hate going to the doctor. But Dr. Anna Lee proved to be a (very rare) exception. I've suffered from two herniated discs in my lower back for sixteen years, and a recent episode left me in unimaginable pain (the saddest, reddest face on the pain scale chart). On a good day, it took two hours to get out of bed and start my day, and on a bad day, I never made it out of bed at all. The usual prednisone and anti-inflammatory treatment proved ineffective, and other conservative management techniques disappointed me. However, Dr. Lee helped me manage my severe sciatic pain through her innovative treatment, allowing me to gradually adjust to a normal life. Thanks to Dr. Lee, I can now sleep through the night, and I have resumed regular physical activity. On top of that, Dr. Lee is warm and friendly, always attentive to the variations in my pain and subtleties in my recovery process. I cannot recommend Dr. Lee highly enough!

-Ed Whang
Sciatica, Buttock Pain, Weak Ankle, Numb Lower Leg


I am an avid tennis player. About 5 months ago I fell down hard while playing tennis and found that I had swelling and slight redness in the right groin and I had difficulty moving the right leg mainly due to the groin pain. The swelling and redness subsided in the right groin but I was left with very limited capacity to spread the leg mainly the right one. The pain was only
mild as long as I was not moving but pain in the right groin area increased with any kind of movement. I barely could work but unable to play tennis at all for over 3 months. I tried treatments such as acupuncture and chiropractic treatment and was under the care of a pain specialist with no relief at all. After receiving my first A-IMS treatment, I was able to spread
the right leg. After the 2nd treatment I felt I could run because spreading the right leg side to side was possible and I did not experience any pain. Therefore I tried playing tennis carefully. I had a slip and a fall while playing tennis again due to the slightly ice covered area but was able to recover readily. I continued to play tennis with no difficulty. Dr. Lee treated me the 3rd time and discharged me from her service telling me that I could return to her in case I have any problem in the future. That was about 7 months ago January. I continue to have no problem at all and I enjoy playing tennis several times a week thanks to Dr. Lee's treatment. All of these experiences were too good to believe to me and something that I could never even imagined that was possible. Undoubtedly Dr. Lee gave me a new life with no restrictions in my life and I can't thank her enough for letting me enjoy active life again including tennis. Dr. Lee's treatment was like a miracle to me.

-Sang Man Choi
Sports Injury, Groin Pain, Restricted ROM of Leg


“I have been suffering from severe back pain for years now. It was pretty
much constant and I had resigned myself to having to deal with it for the
rest of my life until my boyfriend introduced me to Dr. Lee. I was very
skeptical, but I figured I had nothing to lose so I scheduled an appointment
and I'm so glad that I did. In one treatment, Dr. Lee was able to get rid of
my pain and completely changed my life.”
“I have had no back pain since I healed. It’s actually quite amazing. I had
severe SI joint pain as well as arthritis pain and it’s gone!”

-Marlina Randazzo
Back Pain


Hi. I’m Lee Bouggess, retired NFL player and a graduate of the
University Louisville. Having experienced major knee surgery and
becoming acquainted with Anna and her husband Young Lee and
having learned about Automated Intramuscular Stimulation or A-IMS,
I felt it was necessary to experience the therapeutic procedure for
Following my term as an athlete, I developed spinal stenosis, which
caused constant low back pain with numbness and tingling sensation
running down my right leg into the sole of my right foot. The pain
prevented me from walking and if I continued to walk, I may fall down
to the floor or ground due to the severe numbness in my right leg.
So, I overcame the fear of the treatment and decided to give the
procedure a try.
The day following the treatment, I walked two miles and in my
astonishment; where I would have had to stoop down to stretch my
sacroiliac joint more than a dozen times to continue to walk prior to
the procedure. I didn’t have to stoop not one time. My low back pain
is also considerably better. The experience was like a miracle. This
treatment would be extremely beneficial to all professional athletes,
who are disabled and don’t require surgery and those athletes
returning to the game subsequent to major surgery. The A-IMS
treatment would enable the pro athlete’s return to the game sooner
than expected and maintain a high level of performance. All athletes
can benefit significantly with the assistance of the A-IMS treatment.”

-Lee Bouggess 
Sports Injury, Spinal Stenosis, Numb Leg, Low Back Pain


Dr. Lee’s first A-IMS treatment successfully relieved my pain that I had
lived with for 23 years. In 1983, I was involved in a baseball accident that
left me with three herniated disks in my neck, for years I tried every type of
treatment available to me including chiropractic, acupuncture, massage
therapy, disk fusion surgery and pain medication. The disk fusion was
between C5 and C6, one year after surgery and physical therapy the
pressure due to the rigid fusion further aggravated the disks C4-5 and C6-
7. At the time of my first treatment I was taking Ultram ER and Vicodin
everyday for pain, after the second treatment I was able to eliminate all
pain medication. Once the cycle of pain was broken, I steadily improved.

-John Weiss
Sports Injury, Neck Pain, Herniated disc


I used to do a lot of physical work that was not good for your low
back. I developed herniated discs and underwent two low back
surgeries. Second one being in 1994. I had severe back spasm
literally bringing me on the floor… literally unable to walk straight for
two weeks. I was very depressed when I saw Dr. Lee. My relief from
the A-IMS treatment was immediate. I eventually needed treatment
every eight weeks and I was able to play ice hockey and ski with no
limitations. Dr. Lee has given me my life back.

-Dr. Donald Underwood
Failed Back Syndrome, Herniated Disc


I am a veterinarian. I lead a very active life. I woke up one day with pain
that radiated from my buttocks or the lower buttocks down primarily my right
leg through the hamstring muscles, the back of my right leg and the side, down
the lateral side of the tibia down to the ankle. My lumbar spine MRI showed a
large disc herniation at L4-5 with 3 bulging discs. After receiving the A-IMS treatment,
I’ve been pain free now for over several years. I am not limited in any way, I have not
missed any work and I feel fine and I don’t have even the slightest bit of a twinge.
Anybody that would have this type of pain in the back or the neck, I would certainly
recommend that they talk to Dr. Lee, be evaluated by Dr. Lee before they enable
anybody to do anything more radical.

-Charles Driben
Sciatica, Herniated Disc


During college, I was very physically active lifting weights as well as playing other sports.
After graduating from pharmacy school, I worked 12 hours a day standing on my feet while
continuing my active life style. Eight years ago, I began having neck and right shoulder pain.
Initially, the pain was not very severe, just uncomfortable. Within a few weeks, however, I
began to experience numbness with tingling sensation up and down my right arm and was
unable to sit for any period of time. I was evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon and my MRI
scan of the cervical spine revealed three herniations and one bulging disc. No treatment worked.
I was a very active person but I was unable to do any sports I used to do. My orthopedic surgeon
told me that I would simply have to 'live with the pain.' With the A-IMS treatment the pain went
down dramatically to a point where I was only seeing Dr. Lee sporadically maybe every 5-6
months for maintenance purposes. As long as Dr. Lee is around I feel confident to go forward with
my life.

-Richard Lambert 
Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Numb Arm, Unable to sit, Herniated Disc


I am a patient as well as a former nurse employed by Dr.Lee. During high school and college years,
I was an athlete, catching and throwing balls in basketball and softball, using my left hand. As a result
of that activity, I developed pain both in my neck and left shoulder several years ago. Dr. Lee’s A-IMS
treatment successfully removed that pain after a few treatments. However, after a car accident several
years ago, the pain became more severe in my neck and left shoulder again. I also developed pain in my
left hip and the lower left side of my back after that accident.” "I was able to continue to work at Dr. Lee’s
office since the pain could be eliminated due to the A-IMS treatments. I continued to work and I started
seeing how many people came back after responding to A-IMS treatment. They had every kind of treatment
before they got here…epidural injections, surgery, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and they did not
get better. A-IMS treatment was their last resort. On one occasion, I saw a lady 35 years old with no bladder
control, walking with a cane due to her muscle spasms. Only two months of treatments later, she didn't have
to wear diapers and no longer used a cane. I had a part in making her better.

-Brandi Malone 
Sports Injury, Whiplash, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain 


I developed severe headaches and pain and numbness in my left arm after the auto accident. The A-IMS treatment allowed me to sleep through the night without sleeping pills, which meant a great deal to me [I had] no side effects at all from the treatment except for the soreness in the beginning of my treatment.

-Amin Bitar 
Headache, Numb Arm


I was injured in a car accident. Since the accident, I have had severe neck pain and migraine headache… I only had three A-IMS treatments and can already see a difference. My headaches are getting less severe and less frequent, as well as my neck pain. Since my A-IMS treatment, I can see improvement and feel like I can live a normal life again.

-Athena Lampropolus 
Neck Pain, Migraine


I was in a car accident and discovered a herniated disc in my neck. I tried chiropractic care but realized it was not enough. My muscle tightened after days, making it hard to do housework and it was hard to sleep at nights. I feel better after Dr. Lee’s A-IMS treatments. Since these treatments, I have been able to sleep better and strive harder to help my parents around the house.

-Audiel Guzman
Herniated Disc, Neck Pain


I could barely walk when I walked into Dr. Lee’s office. I felt a lot better even with the first treatment. For me, her treatment is not painful because it got me back on track. I couldn’t function at all before and now I can clean my house. I saw many doctors before I saw Dr. Lee. No one does what she does. I had four epidural injections. I felt worse with the injections. With Dr. Lee … [after] a couple of treatments, I felt a lot better. Absolutely, I had no side effects.

-Bernadette Urey
Headache, Neck Pain, Back Pain


I was in a car accident, hit from the back. I sustained injuries to my neck, shoulder blade, mid to low back, right arm, right knee, bulging discs and nerve damage. I had a year of physical therapy, which helped me somewhat, but it did not treat my deep pain. I didn’t like the thought of being stuck with needles but I was amazed after my first A-IMS treatment” “I have two jobs. Dr. Lee’s treatment helped me get back on track with my routine.” “Dr. Lee’s treatment was the only thing that helped me.

-Bernadette Kohler 
Fibromyalgia after Whiplash Injury


I had severe migraine headaches two times a day after my auto accident. Within a month [after my treatment started], my migraine went down to 1-2 times a week. My treatment was weaned down from once a week to once every three weeks. In between three weeks, I had no migraine headaches.

-Brandy Ickes


“I used to be very active, running three miles a day. After my car accident, for two years, I just worked and slept when I got home. After A-IMS treatments, my pain level came down to 2-3/10 from 8-9/10 in several months."

-Connie Hartman 
Low back pain

“After my car accident, I had a closed head injury, severe headaches, pain in my neck, arm, lower back, and leg.” “I was in such horrific pain, I felt incredible when I got relief from Dr. Lee’s A-IMS treatment. I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Lee’s treatment as a mother of two children. I would have possibly lost my mind without the treatment.” “I can never repay her for all she’s done for me. I feel like she saved my life.” “AIMS treatment became so beneficial for me that I didn’t need to take medication.”

-Carol Johnson
Headache, fibromyalgia after whiplash injury

“Dr. Lee was the first person that gave me any relief from my constant pain that I was having in my neck and upper back for two years. I got injured at work and suffered for two years. I was treated by several doctors. I got physical therapy and epidural injections and took Oxycontin for my pain. I did not have to take narcotics at all while I was getting the treatment from Dr. Lee.”

-Carol Washington 
Neck Pain, Upper Back Pain

“I developed pain in the left side of neck, shoulder, and upper back after my auto accident. The diagnoses were C4-5, C5-6 herniated discs and radiculopathy. No matter what I did prior to Dr. Lee’s treatment, I had constant pain, my muscles were in constant cramping. For the first time in one and a half years, I had relief in the left side of my neck and upper back with the A-IMS treatment. My functional levels increased and my pain being minimal, I did not have to take pain medications.”

-Carolyn Macy
Neck pain, shoulder pain, upper back pain, herniated disc

“My diagnosis was several herniated discs and nerve damage. My auto accident was three years ago. My pain level was 10/10 and went down to 0/10 on occasion while getting the A-IMS treatment. Prior to beginning therapy with Dr. Lee, I was unable to sit in a car for more than 15 minutes. Because my work requires me to travel, this affected my job performance greatly, as some appointments could be as much as or more than 50 miles apart. With this treatment, I have been able to return to an active work schedule. I am very fortunate to have been introduced to Dr. Lee and her staff. I would recommend this procedure to anyone with any type of chronic pain."

-Christina Siconolfi 
Herniated disc, neck pain, low back pain 

“I was never pain free since my auto accident five years ago until I got the AIMS treatment. I had many months of physical therapy and 3 epidurals with no help. My main problem was severe pain, shooting pain in the left leg and numbness in the left foot. Dr Lee’s A-IMS treatment changed my life. Her treatment was a lifesaver. My treatment was once a month and I paid the money for my A-IMS treatment.”

-Constance Kinebrew
Leg pain, Numb Foot

“I had pain in my neck and low back with severe headaches after my auto accident 3 years ago. My chiropractic treatment leveled off and I had to take increased amount of pain medications. I couldn’t do too much, like playing sports like that. My pain level was 8/10, and I didn’t work anymore” “Dr. Lee’s A-IMS treatment really works. Since I got the treatment, I had no headaches. I felt a lot better that I was able to work.” “Dr. Lee’s treatment is a great treatment and I would suggest it to anyone who is injured like the way I was injured.”

-Dale Robinson 
Headache, neck pain, low back pain 

“I was in an auto accident. I injured low back, shoulder blades….I was told that I had bad discs.” "I was scheduled for the low back surgery when I saw Dr. Lee. I was miserable, and I was walking with a cane. After I got Dr. Lee’s A-IMS treatment, my pain level came down to 6/10 from 10/10. I did not have to undergo the surgery. I do not take any narcotics and I am working now. My last treatment was about four years ago. Dr. Lee has given me new outlook on life actually. I feel bad for other people who can’t come here since I know what they are missing out on.”

-Diane Siegler
Low back pain, shoulder pain

“My injuries after the auto accident 3 years ago were pain in my neck and low back. I also had a herniated disc in my low back.” “These injuries have had a major impact in my quality of life as I have been living with daily constant pain ever since.” “I began the A-IMS treatment at the recommendation of my doctor.” “After the third treatment, the very next day I experienced my first day of pain relief since the accident.” “This treatment is helping to reduce the level of pain I have been experiencing and the pain relief is beginning to last over longer stretches of time.” “I am convinced that without this treatment, I would not have recovered from my injuries sustained from the accident.”

-Donna Zanghi
Neck pain, low back pain, herniated disc

“I had an accident 7 years ago. Initially, I had a right knee that was pretty banged up. As a result, I had gone through an orthopedic surgery. Approximately a year later, I fell and broke my left ankle.” “After about 7 month since the second accident, I started feeling pain in my lower part of my body, specifically my buttock, left side. I recall, in one morning, I couldn’t get out of my bed, my pain was excruciating. When I finally did get out of the bed and tried to put on my socks, I couldn’t bow down at all. That’s when I called Dr. Lee (I knew her before as a pain doctor)” “I could not bend and I could not drive.” ”The A-IMS treatment I got gave me relief.” “At first, I was skeptical. She did the work up and showed me what was going on and she explained the technology involved with the treatment. I went through and took it, and I had relief.” “As a matter of fact, I haven’t had any pain in those areas since the treatment 2 years ago.” “I had a total of 7 treatments and I am pain free ever since.” “I think she did an excellent job.”

-Donovan Miles
Hip pain, knee pain

“In November four years ago, I was rear ended. By the time I went to the hospital, my whole upper body was real tense and real tight and it hurt.” “The pain actually got so intense over the next couple of months that I was unable to lift my hand, couldn’t swim. I was unable to extend my arms.” “My primary doctor started cracking my back and when that wouldn’t relieve the pain, he decided that he started giving me Lidocaine into my neck, because what has formed was this mass of spasm of size of my fist at the base of my neck. [The injection] would numb it but after 3-4 weeks, the pain came back. When it came back, I was just dying. He then sent me to an orthopedic surgeon. He said I could give you some exercise you can do in the shower. But I was really unable to do it” “He said ‘Well, there is nothing I can do for you, you gonna be in pain for the rest of your life because I cannot operate on muscles.” I was referred to Dr. Lee at this time.” “I started my A-IMS treatment.” “By the end of the first month, I was amazed with the pain relief. The pain literally was gone. I went to swim again and was doing things that I haven’t done in years.”

-Elisa DiLolle
Neck pain, arm pain, arm weakness

“I first came to Dr. Lee for A-IMS treatment due to the injuries I sustained in an auto accident”. (I had headache, neck and low back pain.) “Within the third treatment, I was experiencing significant pain relief. The pain relief allowed me to perform my job without the distraction of pain.” “I am truly grateful for all Dr. Lee and her staffs have done for me. Dr. Lee has given me hope to continue to live an active life with my wife and children.”

-Eric Johnson 
Headache, neck pain, low back pain

“Since the [auto] accident that occurred 4 years ago, I developed pain in my mid back, low back, and neck.” “From my MRI results, I understand that a certain area of my spinal cord was harmed.” “The pain has caused a decrease in such activities as exercise, sitting, driving, working and even sleeping”, “In the time that I have visited Dr. Lee’s clinic, I have seen a sufficient amount of pain relief. My everyday activities Neck Pain have seemed to come along.” “The pain relief was amazing.”

-Eric Montes
Neck pain, mid back pain, low back pain

“I had my injuries back in May four years ago due to a car accident. I was rear-ended. I suffered from some neck problem, shoulder problems, back problems, constant pain, and numbness in my arm. Sleeping was a problem…” “[My MRI] showed some herniated discs, some bulging discs throughout my spinal region. The A-IMS treatment helped me. When I started with Dr. Lee, my pain level was around 9/10. Now it is down to 2 or 3/10.”

-Frances Mack
Neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, herniated discs

(From my three car accidents, I had pain all over my body). “As a result of the A-IMS treatments, I have been able to reduce the amount of pain medications, and now only use medications occasionally. “ “I look forward to A-IMS treatment, because I know that I will be in less pain after I receive them.”, “I have recommended this treatment to several other people, because I believe in it very much.”

-George Bitar 
Fibromyalgia after whiplash injury

“I was living in Florida. I hurt my back moving something at work. The diagnosis was degenerative discs. I was not able to do anything after this injury. I couldn’t stand up straight putting my feet on the floor. I was in constant pain.” “I had about six months of physical therapy. None of it helped.” “Two epidural injections, which worsened my pain.” “A surgery was offered with no guarantee. Finally I had to come home, back to New Jersey. My wife saw Dr. Lee’s article in the newspaper.” “After the first A-IMS treatment, I experienced first relief within the entire year.” “My symptoms were severe pain down my [left] leg and severe pain in [my] low back.” “My pain level was 9-10/10 when I started the treatment with Dr. Lee. I was literally on the verge of suicide…just existing, popping Advil 7 times a day.” “My treatment was gradually weaned down. Now, [my treatment is] once every 2 months. Now I live a normal life.” “She saved my life without a doubt. I don’t know where I would be without her. Definitely a life changing experience coming here [Dr. Lee’s office].” 

-George Skoviak
Sciatica, back pain

“I have been in two auto accidents, one in nine years ago and another four years ago.” “I came to Dr. Lee because I tried everything.” “I had surgery, fusion in my neck, epidurals, quite a few of them both upper and lower, acupuncture, TENS unit, chiropractic treatment. I even had 5 day nerve blocks at Hahnemann [Hospital].” “I had constant pain, a lot of migraine… [and] RSD [Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy] of my right arm.” ”I also had fibromyalgia.” “I went from a normal person to nothing.” "Coming to Dr. Lee’s office was the best thing I did.” “I just honestly believe that I wouldn’t have permanent damage if I came here [Dr. Lee’s office] first year of my accident. Things would have been much different.” “With Dr. Lee’s A-IMS treatment, I somewhat have a normal life.” “I don’t have to be in my pain meds…Dr. Lee’s treatment makes me not moody.” ”It took me 9 years to find something that gives me pain relief.”

-Heather Rudderow
Migraine, fibromyalgia, post surgery pain, RSD of arm

"I have been seeing Dr. Lee and staff for a little over a year. The best way that I can chart my progress is this: When I went on vacation in two years ago, I lived on pain medication - 3 per day easily. When I went on vacation a year ago, I had to take 3 pain pills the entire trip." "I had a car accident in 5 years ago leaving me with bulging and herniated discs in my lower back." "I also had fibromyalgia, TMJ, carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel in my elbows. I had my first A-IMS treatment for TMJ last week and although I am bruised, I can open the right side of my mouth without pain for the first time in a long time." "I would recommend A-IMS treatments for chronic pain to anyone who is serious about getting their pain under control."

-Jo Ellen Campobasso 
Fibromyalgia, TMJ, carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, herniated discs

"On December three years ago, I had a serious auto accident. [The accident] resulted in: facial numbness, migraine headaches, severe neck, back and lower spine pain with two bulging discs and a sprained back, damaged nerves, damage to right ankle, torn cartilage in left knee, numbness in groin area (resulting in impotence), damaged left elbow with numbness in left shoulder, hands and forearm. The depression caused by the pain has set back my new business endeavor and interrupted the writing of my biography." "At first, I was skeptical of this A-IMS treatment; however, I would do anything to eliminate the pain and suffering caused by this accident." "Systematically, [Dr. Lee and her staff] eliminated first the migraine headaches, the numbness of the face, and most of the pain in the back and neck." "It was astounding what this procedure has done to eliminate the pain I have been enduring for the past ten months." "I can only say I have a great deal of love and appreciation for Dr. Lee."

-John Hudson
Fibromyalgia, numbness/pain in right side of penies, migraine, facial numbness 

"I was involved in a car accident January three years ago. Since the accident I have had numbness in my legs, as well as pain and a tingling sensation when lying down. The numbness had gotten so bad that my legs would give out and I would fall on my face. I was afraid to leave my house for fear of falling and hurting myself further. I went through numerous procedures and tests and upon a final resort I went to a chiropractor. I wasn't getting better and he referred me to Dr. Lee." "I received the A-IMS treatments weekly and I cannot express enough what a difference they have made in my life. The numbness is gone, I have no pain and most importantly I can sleep without the constant tingling sensation that used to keep me up at night. The treatments have given me my life back."

-Joseph Hasson 
Leg pain, numb leg

"I was involved in a car accident four years ago. I was wearing a seatbelt when my vehicle was front-ended and broadsided on the driver's side. I suffered severe injuries, including a medial meniscus tear, which required surgery. I sustained injuries to my left hand, neck, back and had severe headaches following the accident. I also suffered from numbness in both hands and low back pain which radiated down to my leg. "Since the time of the accident I have been treated with physical therapy which offered limited relief. Thereafter, I saw a neurologist and received an ease of pain but it was only temporary and involved medication. After a short period, the pain would come back in full strength." "I have been receiving the A-IMS treatments from Dr. Lee." “As a result of the treatments, my headaches have been reduced in both frequency and severity." "I am hopeful that eventually I will be able to take full care of my children and do unlimited homework, as well as return to my job." "Dr. Lee's treatment has [provided] the only pain relief that has been helpful."

-Josephine Gambale
Headache, sciatica, numb hands, low back pain 

"Two years ago, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Shortly after the accident, I noticed tingling on the left side of my body. As the weeks progressed, so did the pain. Numbness to my left side became a factor as well. Leg numbness is present during long periods of sitting, standing or lying. Shoulder numbness is unbearable when doing any type of lifting or pulling and very obvious when working in my yard." "Since I have been receiving A-IMS treatment from Dr. Lee, I must say the results are tremendous. I am now able to enjoy feeding my son without immense pain." "I would suggest that the A-IMS treatment be the first choice as a treatment for conditions and injuries such as mine."

-Juan Rodriguez
Pain/numbness in left side of body, neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain 

"I was involved in an automobile accident five years ago. I suffered from severe neck and shoulder pain, debilitating migraines with occasional auras, which interfered with my vision. I am no stranger to pain, being a brain tumor survivor with chronic headaches, seizures and migraines I was used to a certain level of pain, but the pain I was in after the accident far surpassed what I had been living with for 9 years." "Since my third A-IMS treatment, I have only had migraines with the auras a few times. Before the treatment they were at least once every week or two, as I write this it's been about 2 months or more since my last one & they continue to happen further apart each time. Also, although gradual, I am able to do more. Previously, I had to stop from any activity because of the pain, and after each treatment it seems I can do a little more than before." "I have also been able to sleep without waking up in pain from my shoulders since my third or fourth treatment."

-Judith Morris
Migraine, shoulder pain, neck pain 

“I had a head-on collision… MRI proved that I had two disc herniations and a bulge – one on my neck, one on my low back, and one in the middle of my back. I couldn’t move during the day. My headaches were interfering with everything.” “I kept coming [to Dr. Lee’s office] because I was getting better, and I wanted to continue to get better. She had me able to do things around the house that I hadn’t done in months.”

-Karen Baczewski
Headache, neck pain, low back pain, herniated discs

“In August eight years ago, I was driving on I-95 south with my sister.” “A paratransit vehicle was traveling in a north bound lane.” “His car hit two cars, hit the median strip, became airborne and crossed over into the southbound lanes. Then his car hit a truck and then landed on the roof of my car.” “My sister was pronounced dead.” “I was transported to a hospital and placed in a ventilator with a diagnosis of brain injury along with multiple fractures and lacerations. I have undergone 19 surgeries and years of physical therapy. Of all my injuries, no one was able to help with the back and neck pain.” “I had multiple trigger point injections throughout my back and was using Motrin, Tylenol, a heating pad, stretching and resting to help with pain.” “Dr. Lee performed the first A-IMS treatment to my neck and upper back. I immediately felt a difference in my muscles, they were sore but I felt so light the tension in my muscles was relaxing. I continued to receive treatments…” “[Because of the A-IMS treatments, I was able to get out of bed every day and function in a somewhat normal capacity.” “A-IMS truly saved my life, without it I would be a woman who could not get out of bed and I would be wasting my life away."

-Kelly McMullin 
Back pain, neck pain, leg pain, headache

"Since my car accident, I have suffered from low back pain, neck pain and tormenting headaches. This has affected my life with my one-year-old son and my husband. I suffered pain on a daily basis. Before starting A-IMS treatment, there were days when I was unable to care for my son. This has led to emotional pain." "Since I began A-IMS treatment, I have had a significant decrease in headaches and back pain." "Unlike a pain-killing medication, which only treats the symptoms(s), A-IMS treats the cause of the pain." "I am very grateful to be receiving A-IMS treatments from Dr. Lee and strongly recommend it to anyone who has suffered to any degree the way I have."

-Kerri Dodds
Headache, neck pain, low back pain

"There is no point in trying to describe the physical pain that I was in. If you have been there, you know. Otherwise, it is like describing colors, to a person who has never had sight." "Unlike most of [Dr. Lee's] patients, including my wife, who went from doctor to doctor with no relief until they were filed away as hopeless, I knew Dr. Lee before I was injured at work." "My pain medication was ineffective and had side effects. At this point there is only one question. How much do you want your life back?" "I feel so strongly that I have taken on the financial responsibility of continuing the treatments after the insurance company discounted my health." "On the morning of November 21, 2001, I was a healthy active person working at my own construction company. That afternoon was to include the hardest 3 seconds of my life and my last day at work." "The resulting injuries and pain made me very old, very fast." "I still have too many injuries to be treated in one A-IMS session." "The reduced pain levels allow me to do more all the time." "I will never be able to thank my Hero [Dr. Lee] and her helpers enough." (Chuck); "Dr. Lee and her nurses have given me back a life I never thought I'd see again. (Kim)"

-Kimberly and Chuck Burnum 
Migraine, leg pain, low back pain, neck pain

"During October 1998, I was involved in a MVA head-on collision. Prior to being referred to Dr. Lee, I tried several attempts to become well and overcome chronic pain in the areas of my back, neck, both arms, left side of my body and headaches with physical therapists, an orthopedic surgeon, chiropractors as well as yoga and biofeedback techniques. This is why so much time passed prior to my first being evaluated by Dr. Lee." "I have found that treatments with Dr. Lee have caused two areas of major pain involving my middle and lower back to disappear completely." "This has greatly enhanced the quality of my life and my ability to enjoy normal activities."

-Laurie Holmes
Mid back pain, low back pain, headache, arm pain 

“I was injured in an auto accident in August two years ago. I injured my head, neck, left and right shoulders, left and right upper extremities, my lower back, left buttocks, and left lower extremities. I have been helped tremendously since I began treatments with Dr. Anna Lee. I am now able to stand for more than 15 minutes at a time. I am also able to do light housework with less discomfort. I know without these A-IMS treatments, I would not be able to continue working on my part time job. My part time job involves lifting trays of surgical instruments for sterilization. Without Dr. Lee’s help, I would just have to live my life in constant pain.”

-Margie Brown 
Fibromyalgia after whiplash injury 

“I have injured in a car accident 6 years ago. I had pain in my whole body from head to toe. Some days my pain would be so bad that I would get up, send my kids to school, take my pain medication, and would get into bed under the electric blanket, and that’s where I’d spend my whole day. I was willing to do anything to get relief from the pain.” “The treatment Dr. Lee gave me has given me my life back. I was able to get a job after she had started to treat me.” “This is the only treatment I’ve been through that worked for me.”

-Michelle Hale
Fibromyalgia after whiplash injury

"I was injured in an auto accident four years ago. [I have] nerve damage, pain in the base of my neck, pain through my arm and extremities and my back. I have two herniated discs. I was a gymnast, cheerleader, and finishing up my master’s degree. After the accident, I had to stop everything. I lost my scholarship, had to stop school. I became a hermit in my room. I had six epidurals, which did absolutely nothing. With the A-IMS, the pain just goes away. I’m relaxed. I’ve been taken back some of my activities. I’ve gone back to school, and I’m able to wash my own hair. [Dr. Lee] gave me things that I took for granted. My family also saw the changes in me with the A-IMS treatment.”

-Nicole Dalessio
Fibromyalgia after whiplash injury, herniated discs

"I was injured in an auto accident in two years ago. I had pain in my hips, neck, mid back, and left shoulder. I was limping. I could hardly walk, and I had to get up every few minutes because sitting was a problem.” “The first A-IMS treatment was very painful, and I thought I would never come back. A few days after, I felt like a different person. I was able to sit. I came back, definitely.” “Anybody that would have come for these treatments wouldn’t come unless it helped them.” Regarding any side effects from A-IMS: “No, just soreness maybe, a day after, just from the treatment”

-Pamela Schmidt
Hip pain, neck pain, mid back pain, shoulder pain 

“About a year and half ago, I was involved in a very serious auto accident. I went to all types of doctors and therapists within a period of a year. I was taking Percocet two tablets every four hours and muscle relaxants, and I was living on them. I had three epidural shots with no sustained relief. All these times, I was sleeping in a chair, and I was having excruciating pain, and I was like a vegetable, and I was depressed.” “My orthopedic surgeon sent me [to Dr. Lee], saying; ‘When everything else fails, I am going to send you to somebody that all the patients I sent, she has helped. “ “”After the first treatment, I was able to get up and out of the chair without cane. The second treatment was like, my God, this is a miracle. Dr. Lee’s treatment is like a million times better than acupuncture.” “ My improvement was so good that I was only taking one Percocet and a muscle relaxant at night only. I was sleeping in a bed for the first time since the accident. I was actually able to drive a car.”

-Paul Bellino 
Neck pain, low back pain (unable to sleep - insomnia) 

“I was in a serious car accident two years ago. I was 32 years young, worked full time and was married with two children. I had severe headaches, severe back pain, severe shoulder and neck pain, jaw pain, and numbness in my right leg and right arm.” “I always thought that pain management was a doctor who just prescribed drugs to mask the pain instead of actually healing the problem. After meeting with Dr. Anna Lee, I decided to try the A-IMS. After the first treatment, my headaches were significantly improved. After the second treatment, I could start picking my child up." “If anyone is as skeptical as I was, please feel free to contact me. I am living proof that this treatment works. My family will also testify to that. In my opinion, this should be the first course of action instead of having an invasive procedure that costs more and which could negatively impact with no guarantees and which could negatively impact life with no guarantee.”

-Peggy Stephens
Headache, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, jaw pain, numb leg 

"I was injured in a car accident about four years ago. I suffered from constant pain in my hip and neck areas. Severe headaches and sleeplessness were a normal part of my day.” “The A-IMS treatment definitely helped me in my working day and sleeping, driving, everything.”

-Phillip Adamo 
Headache, hip pain, neck pain 

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