How the A-IMS® Procedure Could Alleviate Your Chronic Headaches

There are many different types of headache, including migraine, cluster, and tension-type, among others. However, if you experience chronic headache, you probably care more about stopping the pain than you do about defining the type of headache you have!

However, knowing what type of headache you have can sometimes help you avoid the pain. For example, if you have chronic migraine headaches, you likely have triggers -- situations, stimuli, or environmental factors that cause your migraines. Identifying and avoiding your triggers can help you experience fewer headaches.

Trigger avoidance and other similar techniques don’t always work, though. And, there are plenty of reasons you may be seeking a non-pharmaceutical treatment approach. There are concerns regarding addiction, you may not like the side effects, or you may want to address the underlying cause of your headaches rather than the symptoms.

A different approach

At Bergen Pain & Rehab, Dr. Lee performs a unique procedure to help many headache patients. It’s called the A-IMS technique, or the automated intramuscular stimulation technique. People travel from all over the United States because Dr. Lee is the only physician who offers it.

Whether you’ve tried different approaches for alleviating your chronic headaches and you’re beginning to lose hope of finding an effective treatment, or you’re just beginning to explore available treatments, you should talk to Dr. Lee to see if you’re a good candidate for A-IMS.

How it works

When you have an A-IMS treatment, Dr. Lee first gives you a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Next, she uses a special needle that is coated with Teflon, and has a rounded tip, rather than a sharp, slanted edge. It’s thin, flexible and designed to be inserted deeply into your muscle fiber without injury.

The needle is attached to a machine that inserts it rhythmically into extremely tight bands of muscle, eliciting what’s called a local twitch response. This process loosens the tight muscles, and the result is pain relief.

A-IMS is not acupuncture

Although A-IMS shares some qualities with acupuncture, it is a more effective technique for several reasons. For example, during an A-IMS treatment, the needle goes much deeper into your muscle than in acupuncture.

Another critical difference is the local twitch response. In acupuncture, the practitioner isn’t looking for a local twitch response, and it would likely be painful for you if they were able to elicit one. However, Dr. Lee provides premedication, which allows her to stimulate the local twitch response with the result of pain relief.

Backed by scientific evidence

During the process of gaining FDA approval for the A-IMS procedure, Dr. Lee conducted a clinical trial investigating the use of the technique for treating tension headaches specifically. Through that trial, along with many years of experience in treating headache patients, Dr. Lee gained expertise in resolving chronic headache pain.

If you’d like to learn more about the revolutionary A-IMS technique and how it might be used to alleviate your chronic headache, book an appointment at Bergen Pain & Rehab today. You can use our convenient online scheduling tool any time, day or night, or just give us a call during regular business hours.

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